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CBD Products In The UK – Types, Uses And Benefits

For years, there has been a certain stigma associated with the use of CBD products. This is due to the fact that they are often mistakenly equated with the use of cannabis. However, though CBD (also known as Cannabidiol), derives from the same plant, it is not psychoactive, meaning it does not result in a high. Thankfully, misconceptions surrounding CBD are beginning to break down as we become aware of the wide variety of benefits associated with CBD use, and the positive impact they can have on the lives of the user. Different types of CBD products. There are various different types of CBD products currently available in the UK, meaning you can easily find the right product for you.


CBD Oils

CBD oils, such as our Lemon Golden Standard Oil and Peppermint Golden Standard Oil, are consumed by dropping a small amount of the liquid onto your tongue, via a pipette. You should only apply one or two drops at a time. The oils are available in a wide range of flavours and strengths.


CBD Hand Cream

CBD hand cream as a luxurious treat for dry, or chapped hands. You may find these products particularly useful if you have been washing your hands more often recently, resulting in tired or sore skin. Even better, they are usually available in a range of scents, like our Lavender Emulsified Hand Cream. CBD face cream. If your skin feels tired or dull, show it some TLC with our Nano Emulsified Face Cream. Apply a small amount to your skin, and allow to absorb.


CBD Balm/Rub

CBD balms, rubs, or salves, such as our Joint Relief Balm, can be used to soothe aching joints or limbs. CBD gummies. If you have never tried CBD products before, you might wish to begin with something simple (and delicious) like CBD gummies. However, though they may be tasty, remember to consume in moderation. CBD uses and benefits. There are various benefits associated with the use of CBD products in your daily life. This includes: Reduced anxiety. Studies have shown that CBD consumption can promote your body’s serotonin production, which is used to regulate your body’s response to anxiety. Released bodily tension. Whether we are stressed or recovering from a workout, we hold a lot of tension in our bodies. CBD products can release some of this tension, allowing you to feel more relaxed. Relief from migraines. Studies have shown that CBD products are particularly favoured by those who suffer from migraines. Improved sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, or find it hard to shut off at night, CBD oil may help. This is again associated with your brain’s release of serotonin, which can help you shut off from the worries that keep you awake (and counting sheep). Relief from bodily pain. CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce any pain or tension you may be suffering from. Healthier skin. CBD also has potent antioxidant properties, meaning it can rejuvenate tired skin and reduce signs of acne. For more information or to buy our cbd products, please visit: Drk-CBD Shop

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