CBD products formulated by a Doctor for You

Our award winning nano-emulsified CBD formula results in our cosmetics having the highest rate of absorption.

Each product is formulated by our founder Dr Karunadasa ensuring the best result for your specific use case. It's CBD done the right way. Try from our range of oils, creams, balms and rubs to see the difference

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  • CBD Oils

    Dr.K CBD has over 85% active CBD compared to UK average (50%) so you get the most out of each drop. All products are non-GMO, organic, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Halal & Kosher with flavour & size options.

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  • CBD Cosmetics

    Currently we have a face cream & hand lotion with nano emulsified CBD plus essential oils which seep in your skin (absorbing 5x times better than others) leaving your skin feeling soft & fresh.

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  • CBD Balms

    Dr.K CBD uses Nano emulsified CBD which absorbs in your body 5 times faster than other CBD products in the UK. We have different balms for both light and heavy muscle aches while smelling amazing.

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Best CBD Products in UK

Find the best CBD oils, creams and supplements from UK. Our specialised nano emulsified CBD formula ensures the best CBD absorption in your body.

Find from a range of oils, hand creams, face creams and balms to supplement your daily routine.

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