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Why Is It Important To Test CBD Products?

When buying CBD products - whether this is CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD creams & balms, or anything else - it’s very important to know that they are tested. You should only ever buy from reputable brands who use third-party cannabinoid testing to verify the quality of their products.

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What Is Third-Party Cannabinoid Testing?

Third-party testing occurs when CBD companies send their products to an independent lab testing company that has no relationship to the brand. This improves the reliability of the testing results since a third-party is impartial, has no affiliation with the individual brands they test for, and therefore has no reason to be dishonest or manipulate the test results. The specialised testing laboratory will test for all of the ingredients/components of a product. This includes a breakdown of all the contained cannabinoids, and other hemp compounds, as well as any impurities like heavy metals or dangerous substances.

Why Is Third-Party CBD Testing So Important? Unregulated Industry:

First of all, the CBD industry is unregulated. The reason we don’t need to see testing reports from all other products we buy - like food, drink, and cosmetics - is because these industries are regulated. For example, the FSA (Food Standards Agency) is responsible for ensuring that all legally sold food products in the UK are accurately labelled and safe for human consumption. The CBD industry does not have this same luxury. This means that CBD brands must use independent lab testing in order to provide that same level of regulation. Unfortunately, this means that pretty much anyone can sell CBD, and they are not obliged to have their products tested. It is up to the consumer whether they look for test reports or not. This is why it’s so important to be aware of the fact the CBD industry is unregulated, and be careful of who you buy from.


Furthermore, third-party cannabinoid testing will provide a detailed list of the full cannabinoid profile of a product. In other words, it will show you whether or not the information listed on the label regarding CBD content is accurate or not. For example, if a product is advertised as 99.9% pure CBD, we will be able to see if this is true. Or, if a product is advertised as containing X amount of the cannabinoid THC. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that can only be contained in small amounts under 0.3% in the UK. If a cannabinoid test reveals that there is more than this, then the product can be deemed illegal and not safe to sell.


This is very similar to purity - a cannabinoid test will show whether the CBD strength listed on the bottle is accurate. If you are paying for a product claiming to contain, for example, 1500mg of CBD, then you want to ensure that this is actually what you’re getting. An un-reputable, dishonest brand could list a high CBD strength and therefore sell for a higher price when in reality there is not that much CBD in the bottle.


In summary Overall, CBD product testing creates customer confidence. It gives consumers a way to ensure they are buying high-quality, reliable products and helps us to determine the trustworthy brands from the dodgy ones! CBD testing is not cheap, so when a brand pays for that service it shows their commitment to product quality. One excellent CBD brand who goes above and beyond when it comes to CBD testing is Dr K. All of the Dr K CBD products go through rigorous cannabinoid testing and quality control which is split into 3 separate testing stages. After they receive the CBD extract, it is tested for purity, potency, and safety. Once the full CBD product has been formulated, they are tested again, and then once each product is bottled, these individual units are tested for the third time. This intensely thorough testing procedure is not cheap or easy, but it means they can be absolutely sure that every product hits the mark. This ensures accuracy, safety, clarity, and integrity across their entire CBD range in a way that surpasses the usual CBD market. Plus, it allows them to provide testing reports that validate confidence in their products.

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