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Nano emulsified

Nanoemulsion technology turns active cannabinoids into nano-sized droplets. The average drop size for this hemp oil is 25 nanometers, compared to around 100-5000 nanometers for the normal industry standard.
Our formulation causes the bioavailability of the CBD in the balm and creams to be much higher than you might find with other products and means our users get the most out of their products.


Our oil extract comes from naturally developed strains of Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) industrial hemp employing organic farming practices. They are grown in the U.S.A....
The state-of-the-art program ensures consistency of our strains and promises a safe and regulated product, with excellent characteristics.

Active CBD

The higher the active level, the lower the strength needed for the same results. The industry average in the U.K. ranges between 40-60%.
Ours is 85%, so instead of choosing a 500mg oil with 50% active CBD, with Dr K, the same effect is available in our 300mg bottle, saving customers money.

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All Dr. K products contain less than 0.2%THC

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