When creating our Nano Emulsified Topicals, we use a proprietary water-soluble hemp oil formulation with 35% CBD. This formulation essentially causes the bioavailability of the balm to be much higher than you might find with other products. Nanoemulsion technology turns active cannabinoids into nano-sized droplets. The average drop size for this hemp oil is 25 nanometers, compared to around 100-5000 nanometers for the normal industry standard. This increases the bioavailability and permeability of the cannabidiol product. Bioavailability is a term you will probably hear a lot when it comes to CBD products. It essentially refers to the amount of a compound that is absorbed into the bloodstream, and can therefore be used by the body. With all drugs, you will find that not all of the beneficial compounds are absorbed into the body. These compounds must pass through various processes, such as digestion or absorption through the skin, and some of it will be lost along the way. So, even though your CBD product may contain 500mg of CBD, not all of this CBD will be absorbed. A high bioavailability means that more of the CBD is absorbed; we are therefore always aiming for the bioavailability of a product to be as high as possible. Permeability refers to the amount at which the skin will allow a liquid to pass through it. Naturally, human skin has fairly low permeability; we are good at preventing substances from penetrating the skin barrier. Our nano emulsified formula causes this permeability to increase, meaning the product can be absorbed into the skin more easily.

Nano Emulsified Exaplained

The reason this formula behaves so differently to regular CBD-rich hemp oil is all down to the size of the drops. The nano drops are tiny, which means there is far more surface area of the droplets overall. Imagine a football: a large spherical shape with one leather surface covering the outside. Now imagine we cut that football up into 10 pieces, and turn each piece into a miniature football. We have the same amount of football volume, but far more leather surfaces. The volume of the ball has stayed the same, but the overall surface area has increased massively. This is essentially what happens when we use nanoemulsion technology to split cannabinoid droplets up into multiple nano-sized droplets. This leads to a higher absorption rate, because each tiny droplet can diffuse into the skin at a quicker pace than one large droplet would.

Our nano emulsified water-soluble hemp oil contains 35% CBD, and 0.0% THC. It’s a broad-spectrum formula, meaning it contains a broad combination of the beneficial phytocannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in the Hemp plant, without the inclusion of THC. Broad-Spectrum extract provides us with a synergistic combination of some of the most powerful plant compounds and terpenes in the world, which can provide the human endocannabinoid system with optimum support. This is known as the ‘CBD entourage effect’ - when all of these compounds work together, it can boost the overall therapeutic effects of the cannabinoids.

Additionally, this formula has a lipophilic (oily) interior, meaning it can dissolve in fats, oils, and lipids. This essentially makes the liquid more efficient at transporting lipophilic compounds; so it can help the active ingredients of the balm to penetrate the skin more effectively. Check out our Nano Emulsified Joint Relief Balm here.

Source: https://foliumbiosciences.com/water-soluble-liquid/

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