We are all about wellbeing, from the way we work to the way we want people to feel. Dr K thinks mind and body are intrinsically linked. We saw the CBD landscape through his work within the health sector and saw a confused marketplace and poor quality for consumers, such that he was unwilling to recommend products.



Getting quality information was difficult. The testing and consistency of products was also a problem. Our experience from Canada and more mature CBD markets, led us to believe consumers needed a trusted brand, which acted and behaved in the right way.


The brand Dr K was created to be:

A brand that respects its customers like a doctor would his/her patient and holds the customer at the centre of how it delivers its products.

A brand that behaves ethically and holds its corporate responsibilities seriously whilst supporting charitable needs aligned to both the company’s ethos as well as its customers.

A brand that is committed to putting quality above all else and creating a community that holds its customers at the centre of everything it does.


In order to deliver these ambitions, two long time friends partnered with a diverse and fun group of developers that could deliver and believed in their vision. Together we work towards developing a robust brand that can be trusted.

Your Choice, your body.
CBD, Done the right way!

Our Philosophy

Individuals look towards drugs to get them out of medical problems that instead should be managed by aggressive lifestyle changes and dietary choices.

It is difficult to correct and requires a reflective approach. The world has moved towards a culture lacking in personal responsibility towards our own health and environment.

Hence the need for honest and transparent products that help in managing day to day imbalances alongside a responsibility to advise on long term lifestyle changes to modify the root causes of that imbalance.

Dr Ruchira Karunadasa

UK trained and now working in the wellbeing space, specialised in holistic health as well as lifestyle management. He understands the imbalances between our bodies' needs and what modern culture demands.

He believes that holistic healthcare needs can be met by multiple interventions, which led him to become interested in the role of CBD within the wellbeing arena.

However, he also believes modern medicine is the right choice for more serious and conventional medical conditions based on well documented and researched evidence.



A group of blue sky thinkers, solid, hardworking designers, coders and just general IT ninjas who are breaking the mould from their world onto the global market. Having worked with them on previous projects the Doc used the words “trust, humility” and “work ethos” to describe this team. Package these guys and multiply them and you could take over the world.

Manish Patel

Overall a great guy. Loves sport and West ham Utd (don’t hold that against him!).

Brought up on the south coast playing any sport possible. He graduated from De Montfort University in Leicester and cut his teeth in the FX trade in the city and then successfully set up his own FX brokerage. He transferred his skills and knowledge to create other successful businesses within the travel industry and as a property developer.

A family man with a culture of strong values. He puts his friends and family at the forefront of what he does. He says it how he sees it, makes no fuss, and gets stuff done!

He is the catalyst that turned the early concepts to what we are now and is committed to improving the CBD landscape alongside Dr K.

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